The Summer of Love: Issue VIII
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Milk Crate Stool


Luckily for the average frugal Brooklynite, most of the materials for this handy project can be easily found on your block.

Note: Considering the various sizes, shapes, and colors of the materials, feel free to get as creative with this project as you like. These stools were inspired by the ones in the cozy garden of Williamburg’s Caracas Arepa Bar at 291 Grand St between Roebling and Havemeyer Streets.

Tools You Will Need:
a. circular saw
b. power driller/driver
c. tape measure
d. straight edge
e. pencil

Materials You Will Need:
a. Milk Crate
b. Spray Paint
c. Scrap Wood
e. Wood Sealer
f. Fish & Eye Hooks OR Twine
g. 1.5” screws

  1. Milk Crate = FREE!
    Start with a milk crate. They are pretty easy to find on the street in New York! There are many different kinds and colors. The ones I have are 11.5” x 19” and 12.5” x 16”. Plus you can always spray paint the crate any color you’d like. The yellow model here is spray-painted.
  2. Spray Paint = $ 4.95 at just about any hardware store.
    1. Spray paint your crate and let it dr
  3. Scrap Wood = FREE!
    You can find wood as well on street in NYC without much difficulty. Basically any wood that doesn’t have bed bugs works! You just need the wood to be around 1” thick so that your screws have something to gripe. For the base of the seat, you’ll want to cut a solid piece of wood to fit either the opening of the crate or the bottom of the crate (this is where your or your friend’s circular saw will come in handy). The size will depend on the size of your crate. Then you’ll need wood as your decorative seat planks. Get creative with your planks. Cut them into different sizes for a unique look or same-size planks for a sleek and neat style. Palettes and reclaimed wood are great for this purpose. Just stop by your local luxury condo construction site. You’ll have no trouble getting some there. Just make sure to ask the nice workers first. No stealing, folks J
  4. Wood Sealer (or outdoor paint) = $ 10-ish per quart
    Once you have all your wood cut, you’ll want to seal/paint it all. I chose a Pecan polyurethane stain, but feel free to use any kind of outdoor wood sealer or outdoor paint. Of course you can opt not to seal your wood and just let it age over time, going for that shabby-chic look.
  5. Fish & Eye Hooks = .75 cents per fish & eye hook combo
    Twine (Hemp String) = $1 per spool

    Fish & Eye Hooks can be found at just about any local hardware store, but I included the Twine (local dollar store, yo!) option for those of us who already have some on hand…and who just might be too lazy to head to the hardware store! Both options actually work swimmingly.
    1. For both options you’ll need to drill 4 holes.
      1. For the Fish & Eye Hooks, take one of the combos and measure or Eyeball where the Hook will catch the edge of the crate and mark with the screw part where you will drill the hole. Do this for each of the 4 spots, then drill the 4 holes (you don’t have to drill all the way through the wood).
      2. Using a wrench, twisters, or your hand, manually screw in the screw part of the Fish & Eye Hook. Flip the seat base over to make sure the Hooks grab the crate securely. If they don’t, re-measure and re-drill the holes.
    2. If you’re using Twine, I suggest making the bottom of the crate your seat.
      1. On the underneath of your wood seat base drill 4 holes all the way through the wood and close to corresponding holes in the crates pattern. If your drill bit isn’t large enough to fit the twine through multiple times, you’ll probably need to move the drill bit in a circular motion to widen the hole.
      2. Since you’ll want to make your knot inside the crate, start with the crate and the wood seat base on their sides so that you can easily thread the Twin through the holes.
      3. Thread the Twine through a few times to make secure.
      4. Finish by tying a tight knot on the inside of the crate
    3. 5. 1.5” Screws = $ 2--7 per box  + your decorative planks
      1. The number of decorative planks you’ll be using will negate how many screws you’ll need.
      2. Screw in your planks
    4. C.  U’r done!



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