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DIY: Paint-Dipped Metal Objects

You’ve had ‘em around for ages…but did you ever think you could change them for the better? That’s right, folks. You. Can. Beautify. Your. Metal. Objects!


Materials + Tools Needed:

1. your metal object(s), be it silverware, salt + pepper shakers, cups,
2. enamel paint, most likely 1 quart $14 - $20/ quart
3. a drop cloth, plastic trash bag, or parchment paper
4. a household fan
5. latex gloves

Makin’ It Happen:

1. Choose your object. We went with table top items, but if you’re feeling ambitious,
    why not try dipping that metal vase or large candle holder…just make sure you
    have enough space and ventilation.

2. Choose your paint colors. We went with warm autumn tones of red, orange, +
    gold. There are a couple of different paints you can use that adhere to metal:
    DTM (Direct To Metal) or enamel paint. DTM paint is great and dries smooth, but
    since most hardware stores don’t have it in stock, you’d have to special order it.
    Epstein’s Paint Center at 822 Tenth Avenue (between 54th – 55th Sts.) is just the
    place to do it. They can answer just about any paint related question.
    Enamel paint works well and has varying effects. Plus most hardware stores
    carry it….you may just need them to mix the color you choose. I visited my
    friends over at Goldsholle & Garfinkel Inc. at 977 Manhattan Ave (between Huron
    & India Sts) to get our paints. The Ox-o-Deck ready-mixed enamel “Tile Red”
    dried smooth. The Benjamin Moore latex enamel“Pumpkin Pie” had a slight
    crackling effect, to our delight! And the UGL Gold Leaf had a thinner consistency
    and also dried smoothly.
    So depending on the size + number of objects you have, a quart of enamel or
    DTM should be plenty. Remember, you’re just dipping your objects!

3. On a drop cloth, large plastic trash bag, or parchment paper place your opened
    paint can. Make sure your object to be dipped is clean + free of dust.  Wearing
    latex gloves, dip you object into the paint. Hold it over the open paint can to
    allow the excess paint to drip off.

4. Then place it upside down on your plastic or parchment paper surface to dry. 
    For objects that don’t have a top to turn it onto (like silverware), use something to  
    prop it up, like a small wood block.

5. Enamel paint usually dries more quickly than other paints. But you could use any
    household fan to help speed up the process.

6. The enamel will drip if you don’t rotate your objects…but then, this could also
    make for a really nice effect!

7. Once dry, enjoy!




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